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Meet The Volvo Boss

Read this fascinating interview with Volvo Car CEO Hakan Samuelson. He discusses the outlook for 2018, the future of hybrid and answers some interesting questions about the new Volvo production plant in South Carolina.

Volvo - UBER AZ Automous Crash Report

A federal agency has released its preliminary report after investigating a fatal crash involving an Uber semi-autonomous Volvo in Tempe, Ariz. After analyzing data obtained from the Uber vehicle, the National Transportation Safety Board found that the Uber system detected the pedestrian, Elaine Herzberg, six seconds before the crash. The report also reveals that Uber relies heavily on its vehicle operators to brake in the case of emergencies. The preliminary report does not yet indicate probable cause or fault. The NTSB is still working with Uber, Volvo and the Arizona Department of Transportation to complete its investigation into the crash so that the agency can eventually issue safety recommendations. Uber’s self-driving tests continue to be on hold. But the report brings an ongoing debate about the safety of semi-autonomous systems to the forefront. Some industry experts say it’s actually less safe to introduce technology that only takes over some of the driving task, since it relies on two imperfect systems: Technology that is inherently limited in its capabilities, and humans.

Volvo Cars adds in-car delivery by Amazon Key to its expanding range of connected services

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, is partnering with Amazon to bring in-car delivery of packages to customers in the United States.   The collaboration represents a considerable scaling-up and maturing of Volvo's digital consumer services via the Volvo On Call service platform, available via an easy-to-use app on your smartphone. These and other services will change the way Volvo customers interact with their car.   The service is available now across 37 cities and surrounding areas in the United States, with more cities rolling out over time. The service is available to millions of Amazon Prime members and the majority of all Volvo owners in the country.


Maintaining The Personal Relationship With Your Customer

It wasn't too long ago you could count on seeing your customers every few months. This interval allowed for the building of close relationships with your customers. Not so much anymore.



IRSS 2018 - Volvo Training 75% Full

Saturday Oct 6 and Sunday 7th will be the next Independent Repair Shop Summit For Independent Repair Shops specializing in Volvo. Seating is limited to 120 and we currently have 69 Techs signed up now.
We will have a full agenda of Volvo tech training on tap.
You will be in great company this year, as the training will be taught by certified a Volvo Trainer, a VISTA award winner and a Volvo Master Technician.
Here is a quick look at the tech training and shop management offerings.



Bead Buster - R&R TPMS - On The Car

Check out this innovative new tool. Now you can replace TPMS units without a tire machine. No need to remove the wheel from the car or re-balance the tire. The tool will break the bead right along side the valve stem and give you 3.5 inches of clearance to remove and replace the TPMS sensor.

Water Cooler

Urban Legend

114 MPH Test Drive

On-board computer alerts Dodge Challenger owner to mechanic's high-speed ride.


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